Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Best Cydia Source and Repos for Cydia App

Cydia is the best app which you can get a lot of free iOS app to your iPhone and iPad.There many more apps release daily for Cydia. If your device is jailbroken and installed Cydia, you can add many Cydia sources to get awesome tweaks.

What is Cydia

Cydia app also likes Apple apps store because you can get search app what you need and install to your device. But the difference is, Cydia app need to add Cydia sources, every source provides different tweaks and tools to your iPhone.

cydia sources

What are the Best Cydia Sources

Today we will provide the best Cydia sources that you can add to your Cydia installed iPhone, iPod, and iPad.Let's see what are these best Cydia repos.

Bigboss repo
This is the default Cydia source which added when you install Cydia app on your iOS device. Bigboss also provide many more apps, tweaks, and games.

ModMyi Repo
ModMyi also good Cydia repos which contains with a lot of themes and wallpapers and many more tweaks to your iOS device.

HackYouriPhone Repo
HackYouriPhone is very popular Cydia repo which people like to install it first. It provides many more cracked apps free to your device.
Source URL:

BiteYourApple Repo
BiteYourApple provides the very different apps and tweaks to your iOS device like iPhone, and iPods
Source URL:

iCleaner Pro Repo
iCleaner Pro Repo is a tweak which you must install to your iOS device. It helps to clear your unwanted file and cache in your device. Therefore it helps to increase your storage.
Source URL:

Philip Wong’s Repo
Philip Wong’s Repo also great Cydia sources which offers animations for your touch and movement, if you are tweak lover, you can add this Cydia source to your iOS device.
Source URL:

iF0rce Repo
iF0rce is also good Cydia source which you can install sharing features to your iPhone like Bluetooth sharing. And also provide some unique apps and tweaks.
Source URL:

Hope this all above tweaks and apps help to add many more tweaks to your iOS device. If you have many more tweaks that help to get app and tweaks, just sharing with us.

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  1. Cydia: Support application turns your iPhone and iPad into a more perfect device.
    Install Cydia to download applications where the App store does not have or download free copyright applications.